Blossoming Trees

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Here you can appreciate some of the cherry blossoms beauty

By Gerard Dalsey

The cherry blossom festival, which is held annually in Washington, D.C. gave me inspiration to create this slideshow. The slideshow really represents and displays the beauty and sacredness of the event. To follow the audio in a written format click here.


In News We Trust

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Gin Ferrara, head of the Baltimore section of Newstrust

By Gerard Dalsey

You may often find yourself questioning the credibility and relevancy of certain news articles. If questions like, “who wrote this article anyway,” or “Why should I read this,” ever pop into your mind while reading the news you may want to check out Newstrust. NewsTrust is an all new web news organization where you can read, review, and read others reviews of news articles from various publications.


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Karen Dubs, active yogi, showing off one of her many flexible warrior poses

By Gerard Dalsey

As we all try to find our way through life, we encounter hardships, and we tend to lose sight of what is really important along the way. According to Karen Dubs, the bad things in life are what keep you balanced and create a true selfless individual. She is living proof that you can make something good out of something bad, and the following article will prove that she has found herself somewhere along this crazy road we call life.